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Enterprise IT environments are getting more and more complex; and they typically crave for a structured approach in almost everything. This is where strategy comes into play. No matter how complex a business may seem, a stringent strategy innovatively streamlines the flow of business operations.

In collaboration with an expansive network of technology partners, our consultants are focused on guiding numerous IT deployments across the globe—in virtually every industry; specializing in areas such as:

enterprises architecture strategy

Enterprise Architecture Strategy

The line between technology and traditional business operations such as marketing is rapidly blurring—both moving towards a common goal—to boost business productivity. Ignoring this trend simply rules most enterprises out of the race. While on the other hand, for enterprises embracing this trend, laying initial strategies has become one of their top priorities.

Identifying the need for a strategic consultant, we emerged to help enterprises leverage the right blend of business operations and technology. Considering the agility by which most business operations take place, we create a flexible and actionable framework for enterprise IT infrastructure. This means formulating an IT architecture that involves selection, deployment, operation and maintenance of a diverse range of IT components.

Either by revamping an existing business architecture, or by integrating the business with an entirely new IT solution and service architecture, our consultants can formulate a roadmap that will help your businesses grow and achieve IT agility in a cost-effective manner.

Application Modernization

Application Modernization and optimization

Taking a close look into today’s enterprises, you will probably find that CIOs and IT departments are under massive pressure to do more with less resources. Enterprises today are moving from legacy applications to a more secure and flexible cloud platform. However, without a strategic approach, the implementation and optimization can become somewhat tricky. This is where we come in - our consultants can initialize application modernization and optimization and help enterprises cut down the unnecessary operating costs; generating more value for the core business.

Our consultants can effectively help you make the crucial decisions which may include renewal, replacement, consolidation, or rebuilding of the applications.

Capabilities that make us stand apart from the rest:
  • High performing applications at reduced costs.
  • More manageable application portfolios
  • Reduced business interruption and risks
Product Engineering


For enterprises – large or small – the essence of success lies in its ability to design and develop software products that can disrupt the entire marketplace. Needless to mention, it is the uniqueness and effectiveness of the products that help enterprises gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

Our consultants and technical professionals understand the essence of product engineering in today’s fast-paced technology landscape. They integrate the best-in-class industry practices in the development, deployment and scaling of software products—in a bid to help enterprises inch closer to higher efficiency.

We, as a strategic consultant, thrive on a core belief that strategies empowered by the internet inject agility in almost everything. Our product engineering services help customers like independent software vendors, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms, and more.

Capabilities that make us stand apart from the rest:
  • We assist enterprises in remanufacturing, refurbishing, recycling and re-engineering their software products.
  • We help reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for new, as well as modified products.
  • We help reduce the time-to-market, while ensuring optimum quality.
Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud

Its a fact we already know - today’s enterprises are migrating to the cloud—for more flexibility, security, agility, operational efficiency, and reliability; ditching the traditional data centers. However, this also needs a flawless strategy to avoid the common pitfalls – such as unstable IT environments – that most enterprises encounter.

For enterprises, we formulate cloud strategies that focus on streamlining business operations.Our managed cloud experts leverage and offer support for the best-in-class cloud platform available in the marketplace—the Amazon Web Services (AWS). This includes migration from traditional on-premise IT environment, successful cloud implementation, and performance monitoring.

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