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In the current technology landscape, the noise surrounding Big Data is deafening. If you try searching the term “Big Data solutions”, you might probably end up with plenty of options. However, the challenge lies in choosing the right solution that best fits your specific business needs to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Endowed with a team of experts, our big data consultants can help you achieve this feat effortlessly.

Keeping a precise strategic approach in mind, our big data consulting services ultimately focus on - helping you gain meaningful insights on business data. Consequently, this boosts the operational agility, data security and privacy; solving critical problems, and scaling the performance of your big data assets.

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Why 7EDGE for Big Data?

Our big data consulting services are specifically tailored to inject innovation and simplify your big data journey without impacting the business flow.

Our Offerings

consulting services focused on building a strong Big Data Strategy
Big Data Strategy

When it comes to dealing with a complex technology like big data, strategizing everything – from implementation to performance scaling – becomes an essential factor. This is exactly what we as a technology consulting firm deliver - formulating flawless big data strategies for constantly fluctuating business environments.

Consulting services that help gain insights from Real-Time Big Data Analytics
Real-Time Big Data Analytics

Analytics and reporting are the crucial aspects of big data; without which, setting specific business goals become impossible. Our consultants are well-acquainted with the best-of-breed analytics tools and procedures that can help you gain meaningful insights into your underlying business data. Thus, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Services that simplify Data Visualization in Big data
Data Visualization

Analysing massive and diverse volumes of data can be painstaking. With a wide expertise in big data, our consultants provide you with the best-of-breed visualization tools that portray a comprehensive view of your data assets.

Services tailored to simplify the process of Data Migration and Integration
Data Migration and Integration

Our big data offerings initially focus on migrating massive amounts of data from traditional data warehouses and integrate them with cloud databases. The data can be then be processed for various business needs.

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