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Big data can comprise of large volumes , velocities and varieties of structured or unstructured data that require varied forms of information processing for quick decision making. Hence, the choice of storage method and database type depends on the application and its usage pattern.

Selecting the right storage method and database for your needs can be confusing. We provide flexible and scalable storage solutions required for the varying performance demands of your big data workloads.

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Why Businesses Choose Us for Big Data Storage & Databases?

Efficient storage solutions

Large volumes of data can arrive from various sources in varied formats, and hence needs formatting and storage infrastructure. We suggest the best and most effective ways of storing your data so that you can access it faster and make quick decisions.

Scalable solutions

Our storage solutions support all data types, applications and diverse storage systems, which help deliver agility and scalability to improve performance without bottlenecks while curtailing costs.

Minimize the time spent on database administrative tasks at 1/10th the cost

solutions for big data Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage

We provide object as well as block storage solutions to store large volumes of data on cloud servers to cater to your high-volume data processing needs and budget.

big data NoSQL Database Storage solutions
NoSQL Database Storage

Relational databases are not always the best solution for storing high volumes of unstructured data. We help you store large volumes of data on NoSQL cloud databases that help in dynamically processing unstructured data with ease.

Private Cloud Storage solutions in big data
Private Cloud Storage

We help you store your data on the private cloud environment which offers the same advantages of a public cloud including self-service, scalability and multi-tenancy, but is dedicated to your organization.

Hybrid Storage offerings for big data
Hybrid Storage

We help you store your big data on a combination of bare-metal and cloud storage taking the best features of both to cater to a range of performance needs.

big data In-Memory Database offering
In-Memory Database

We can help you store terabytes of your big data in databases that can run within your RAM thus allowing you to access data at lightning speed.

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