How We Help Nascent Startups

Ever wondered why startups come to a standstill? Causes of failure are plenty, but we’ll point out the key ones that most of them funnel through - 1) They lose potential customers over time; 2) Their product starts losing market share to competitors. Moreover, lack of motivation, expertise, business model, and common vision simply adds to the disaster. Unfortunately, the hardest part is to recognize the early signs of failure.

So, if you think your budding startup is vulnerable to missteps, our strategic approach can help fill the crucial gaps that hinder success; which include:

enterprises architecture strategy

Strategic Planning

The recipe for startup success involves a perfect blend of - a good strategy, powered by an experienced management team that knows exactly how to execute a plan. If your startup typically has only one of these key ingredients, it is less likely to succeed. This is where our team of consultants will help you out - by formulating a unique strategy that covers all the functional areas of your business.

To be specific, our strategic planning services focus on - business model architecture, implementation, product development, branding, growth roadmap, and more.

Product Engineering

Product Engineering

To thrive and make an everlasting impact in a technology-driven era, accelerating the product development process becomes an essential factor for startups. In fact, building software not only requires a deep expertise in technologies such as mobile applications, cloud, social platforms, and analytics, but it also requires a comprehensive understanding of the business domain in its entirety. Moreover, startups need to ensure that the products they develop perfectly aligns with the industry trends and practices. As a productive solution, product engineering emerged and rapidly gained its momentum in today’s technology landscape.

What exactly is product engineering?

Technically speaking, product engineering is a collaborative process that involves designing, developing, testing and deploying a software product. In fact, the industry’s gradual transition from traditional software engineering to product engineering is indeed triggered by the advent of Web 2.0 technologies and Software as a Service (SaaS). Product engineering manages the entire product life cycle—from the innovation phase, to implementation and testing phase.

From beginning to end, the various phases of product engineering are:

  • Product Idea Formation
  • Product Architecture
  • Product Design
  • Product Testing
  • Product Migration and Porting
  • Technical Support
  • Sustaining Engineering

Our consultants combine all these product engineering phases with their extensive business knowledge to help startups build disruptive products.

Application Modernization

Growth Marketing

Growth marketing has become a buzzword for startups today, and we embrace it. It is a never ending process staged as a combination of technology and marketing. This simply means applying automation and other out-of-the-box tactics to track the performance of web pages, website analytics, email templates, purchase process, social sharing links, content creation, SEO, landing pages, and more.

Leveraging the growth hacking process, we enable startups to continually improve until they reach an exceptional level of productivity. In short, our consultants lead startups towards a more rapid, viral and affordable growth; when compared to the traditionally expensive media buys that goes far beyond their budget.

Application Modernization

Vendor Selection

As we already know, startups are often under the maturing phase; and are always open to new opportunities and possibilities. However, to grow further, startups need a wide range of business tools and solutions – technology, or marketing based – that can only be sourced by third-party vendors.

Keeping a growth mindset, our consultants collaborate with numerous partners, and help startups choose the best vendors for various business areas.

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