Amazon Web Services (AWS) is undoubtedly turning out to be a game changer for most businesses out there—irrespective of their sizes. But, although there is a wide-scale availability of AWS features that are innovative and customizable in all aspects, chances are you might get puzzled in certain areas during your AWS journey. This is because processes such as initial cloud migration, security, architecture, and operations are complex. Moreover, these processes can distract you from your core business. You definitely don’t want that to happen. This is exactly where 7EDGE comes in; we add agility and simplicity to your AWS journey

Now before we move further, let’s have a quick glance at the benefits of AWS:

AWS is…

  •  User-Friendly - Allows application providers and software vendors to host applications in a flash.
  •  Scalable - Leveraging innovative AWS tools, Elastic Load Balancing, and the Auto-Scaling feature, you can effectively scale your cloud performance.
  •  Flexible - Flexibility empowers ease of use. Thanks to AWS, which grants you the freedom to choose your operating system, web application platform, programming language,  database, and other services as per your fluctuating business needs. Moreover, it stages a virtual environment that effectively allows you to load software and services for your applications. Consequently, the entire scenario simplifies the migration of existing applications and helps build new ones.
  •  Secure - AWS focused on exceptional levels of security. It deploys an end-to-end methodology to secure and strengthen your cloud-based IT infrastructure.
  •  Cost-effective - This perhaps is a crucial benefit that the AWS platform has to offer. You only pay for the compute, storage, and other resources that you use— excluding long-term contracts and other extra expenses.

How Can We Manage Your AWS?

Our technical team is endowed with AWS certified engineers and architects who are constantly focused towards supporting your AWS environment—24/7/365, while you focus on your core business.

Still wondering how?

We serve our expertise for enterprises in the following areas:

AWS Migration

This is perhaps the first and the most important area you need to focus to make headway in AWS. The problem is, if you try to do this process yourself, most probably you might move away from your core business-critical operations. With the help of our AWS professionals, we empower a smooth transition to AWS cloud in a comprehensive manner.

Building Architecture Design

A well-designed architecture acts as a rigid foundation for your applications on AWS. We design and builds an architecture that effectively aligns with your evolving application needs. The architecture is based on detailed and accurate diagrams, cost models and best-practice AWS templates.

Apart from this, our AWS certified experts regularly provide recommendations for improving your architecture.

AWS Security

As you already know, without managed security, all your efforts to maximize the benefits of using AWS will go in vain. Not anymore. Our’s extended AWS support includes security management which constantly monitors your systems; making sure everything is secure and stable. Precisely speaking, the functions include automated compliance checks, centralized management of accounts, permissions, and more.

Automated Cost Optimization and Integration

Cost optimization and integration do make a difference. We manage these two functions effectively and ensures that you reap maximum benefits from your AWS environment. Moreover, the company conducts regular performance reviews and recommends the latest upgrades for your AWS platform. These recommendations are purely based on the analyzed performance data and industry best practices.

So now you know the significance of AWS adoption, and how can we help you inch closer to higher productivity and perfection!

Originally published , updated September 04 2021