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Marketing teams already have a lot on their plates. They need to focus on prospects, customers, channels, timing, content, reporting and much more. In addition to handling these daily responsibilities, they are expected to keep up with the latest technologies in order to perform their activities optimally and extract the maximum results from their efforts. However, this is not an easy task considering the various challenges involved.

Our consultants work with your organization and your marketing team to understand the objectives, processes and present tools and technologies to identify the areas of improvement. Using the insights obtained through this exercise, we help you develop a strategic Martech roadmap that you can implement to achieve your short and long-term goals. Not only this, but we also help you to extract the complete value of your marketing technology investments.









Why Businesses Choose Us for Marketing Technology consulting


Our expertise in technology as well as marketing, technology partnerships and data integration capabilities give us an advantage in helping brands gain the competitive edge in the market.

Our Specific Consulting Services Include

Setting Up Marketing Operations for Non-technical Marketers
Marketing Operations Setup

A traditional non-technical marketing team usually needs support in using sophisticated marketing technology. Our consultants help setup an end-to-end marketing operations and lead management processes that will help your marketing team for ready adoption and enable greater returns for your MarTech investment.

Obtaining Critical Data Insights for Better Market Segmentation
Analytics and Visualization

We enable you to build robust data management practices that involve data extraction, cleansing, audit and presentation in actionable formats so that you can extract better insights for creating better market segmentation and build market strategies

Helping Marketers Identify the Right Tools and Technology
Strategy and Integration

There are literally hundreds of tools available for marketers. Making sense of which one is the right one for your organization and how to utilize it to achieve your goals can be a challenge. We help you identify the tools that fit your goals. We also help you integrate the technology tools so that you can extract the maximum value from your investment.

Using Technology to Automate Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Automation

Our marketing technology consultants utilize their expertise and industry experience to help you identify the right automation software for your business, while helping you design and execute successful as well as automated marketing campaigns that enable you to maximize your campaign reach and results.

Proximity Marketing as an example of Marketing Technology
Proximity Marketing

We help you identify customers in your store proximity and send them attractive as well as relevant ads in real-time, that will enhance their customer experience, boost in-store traffic and improve sales for your retail stores.

Using Marketing Technology to Manage Campaigns
Campaign Management

We enable you to execute relevant and engaging campaigns in real-time across marketing channels. We also help you monitor and analyze their performance, and automate them so that you can deliver a consistent brand message across channels.

Using Content Management Technology to Deliver Relevant Content for Customers
Enterprise Content Management

We make it easier for you to manage and deliver compelling and relevant content to your target audience across devices and channels in a way they prefer to consume, while helping you drive engagement and build your brand.

Enabling Marketers to Engage Large Accounts Using the Right Technology
Account Based Marketing

Our approach and expertise in using the right tools, technologies and strategies enable you to engage accounts and key individuals that matter the most for you by personalizing your content and campaigns to deliver targeted messages.

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