The Internet First Approach

It is a clear-cut fact: the advent of the ‘Digital Age’ gave rise to numerous technological innovations; unlocking possibilities that altered the phase of businesses across the globe. Today, businesses have moved far beyond the traditional paper-driven data management to a cloud-based approach that solely depends on the internet. But that’s not all. The emergence of some cutting-edge technologies such as the IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data and Analytics, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence is also playing a prominent part—making an impact on businesses altogether. These technologies are primarily developed keeping automation and flexibility in mind; focused towards achieving maximum ROI.

Unlike the yesteryears however, as this technological evolution gains momentum rapidly, the complexity involved in managing the underlying infrastructures and solutions are also rising; often putting CIOs in a state of turmoil.

In fact, the key issues that most CIOs address are:

  • Growing infrastructure without increasing headcount (automation) 
  • Need to modernize legacy infrastructure & applications
  • Getting updated with new trends and technologies/solutions

Just like technological innovations, marketing is also considered as a crucial factor – in fact, a rigid foundation – that helps enterprises make a headway in businesses. In a gist, it can be described as an effective way of building brand awareness and recognition—implementing smart strategies in a bid to attract more and more customers over time. 

Today’s marketing landscape is quite different from the traditional procedures and practices deployed in the past—evolving from trade to a tech-based approach. Moreover, the availability of internet-based marketing tools has become an added advantage for enterprises. However, apart from the opportunities, the marketing landscape comes along with a series of challenges. Ideally, these challenges revolve around a core agenda - delivering value to the business, at the same time preparing for a dynamic and prospering marketing future. While on the other hand, the most common ones faced by CMOs include:

  • Unable to decide on the right marketing tools
  • Increasing complexity in the marketing channels
  • Making smart technology bets for marketing

So the question is - How do the latest Internet trends and technologies help solve these challenges?

By now, you already know that most of the today’s innovative technologies are connected through a single medium - the internet. That said, adopting an internet first approach is probably the only way that can help businesses keep up with the pace of technological evolution.

Why Internet First?

For modern enterprises, the concept of ‘Internet First’ emanates from a unique vision - to inject a perfect blend of innovation, automation and flexibility into business operations - through the internet. Indeed, it is this visionary thought that drives most of them towards unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity.

Matthew Postgate, BBC’s Chief Technology Officer also supports the internet-first approach. He states in a BBC’s blog post

Looking at a digital future, today we can already film broadcast quality content just by using a smartphone app. We will increasingly use the internet to deliver programmes and services to you in the future – whether that’s to the big screen in the living room or the smartphones and tablets scattered over the house.

According to Matthew, this paves a path for new forms of content that are much more data-intensive than audio or video; for example things like Ultra-HD or Virtual Reality.

Internet First Methodology

To transform the internet first vision into reality, we as a strategic consultant start by formulating a stringent strategy and help deliver a solution that is scalable. Thus, solving business-critical issues efficiently.

So ideally, the three pillars of success are:



Our engagements start with strategic consulting where we understand about your business, and deep dive into your goals and challenges to arrive at a tailored strategy.

  • Solve


    According to the strategy we have defined, we help you with a customized solution that leverages our expertise and the best of Internet technology solutions.

  • Scale


    All our solutions are designed to scale according to your business’s growth curve. Our experts also stay updated with the latest trends to help you evolve with time.

Value Proposition of the Internet First Approach

Most key business decisions are triggered by the likes of entrepreneurs, CIOs, CMOs and CXOs. Hence, they are the ones who are truly aware and appreciate the countless benefits of adopting the Internet First approach. Their sole focus always remains on guiding enterprises towards higher levels of efficiency, while reducing the operational expenditure (OPEX). Possibilities are endless; but to achieve this feat, integrating marketing and technology is the first step. For instance, as the internet empowers automation, enterprises can cut down their labour costs to a considerable extent.

In a similar way,

  • Cloud can help reduce the infrastructure costs
  • Blockchain can help reduce the security costs
  • Programmatic can help optimize the ad spends
  • Big Data and Analytics can reduce cost of failure
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) can boost savings on devices
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) drives automation, and saves labour costs



  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is no more a trend that is catching up but a necessity for an organization to survive. With more and more organizations realizing this necessity, the digital marketing space is becoming crowded. However, with so much competition among enterprises to succeed and attract customers, organizations are struggling to make an impact.

    Moreover, the digital landscape is continuously evolving with newer channels and strategies emerging everyday. This means that organizations need to keep up with emerging technologies and tactics.

    We specialize in end-to-end digital marketing consulting to help ensure the digital marketing journeys of our customers are smooth and cost-effective. We have successfully delivered complex engagements in the space of digital campaign strategy and innovation, customer engagement and experience design, on a wide spectrum of digital media channels.

  • Inbound Marketing

    Inbound Marketing

    There are two ways to market an organization or brand’s services. One is to go out trying to sell it to everyone hoping that the right number of customers will buy it. And the second way is to attract the right kind of customers to where the organization is. Inbound marketing is a marketing approach that focuses on the second, where organizations attract customers through rich content that is useful and relevant to the customers, and channels such as blogs, social media and search engines.

    While traditional outbound marketing fights for gaining attention from the potential customers, inbound marketing focuses on building credibility and trust, thereby attracting more customers.

    More and more organizations are realizing that inbound marketing is the way to go as consumers are more empowered and the internet provides them with the answers they are looking for. All the organization needs is to be the one giving that answer and establish trust among the consumers. Inbound marketing helps them do exactly that.

    Inbound marketing works because it enables you to reach out to your consumers in a non-intrusive way while giving you quantifiable results. We know this because we have implemented it for ourselves as well as helped our customers implement it and experience the growth in results.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media today is an inseparable part of one’s life be it an individual or an enterprise. People consume content from one social media platform or the other for a significant duration in their average day. It should only be natural that enterprises become visible to their prospective customers on these social media platforms so that they can gain more followers, visitors, and conversions. However, achieving social media success and ROI requires the right marketing strategy, tools and approach.

    It needs you to create your social media goals and objectives, where you want to reach in terms of followers, engagements and website traffic, how you want to reach there, the platforms and tools you will use, how you will measure it and so on. In short, social media marketing may not seem as easy as it sounds.

    We like to simplify these complications for our customers. When it comes to social media marketing, we cover all facets of social media marketing, from creating successful social media plans and strategies to identifying the right tools and approaches to ensure that enterprises are not only on the social media but use it effectively to profitably grow their businesses.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine optimization (SEO) goes hand in hand with digital marketing. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about digital marketing is to make the website search-engine friendly by optimizing it with keywords, adding some meta tags and building back-links. However, SEO is more than building search engine-friendly websites. It is also about making your website people-friendly.

    SEO encompasses elements, both technical and creative, that are necessary to improve your search engine rankings, increase customer awareness in an organic way, drive traffic to your website and make them stick around. There are several aspects to SEO, from identifying short and long keywords that people search for, to the way quality sites link to your website and marketing the distinctive value of your site.

    SEO has changed and will continue to change the way people search for answers and search engine algorithms change. We have witnessed this change since our days of inception and we are seeing the direction it is moving. That’s why we take an integrated approach, which understands user search behaviour and caters to it while ensuring that your search engine position is strengthened to deliver maximum traffic and conversions.

  • Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing

    Consumers often trust recommendations from a third party about a certain brand rather than the brand talking about itself, however honest it may be. The recommendation carries more weightage when it is been given by someone who is an authority in the particular industry or an influencer. Having influencers on your side and having them promote and talk about your website and content has a huge impact on your website’s organic search ranking and can make a significant difference in the success of your brand and organization.

    When you and an influencer align with each other, the influencer not only brings his/her followers but also their entire audience’s network with them. Due to the influence they command, they improve your social media exposure, drive traffic to your website, and enable more conversions and sales on your website. In essence, influencer marketing at its core, is all about building valuable relationships and human interactions with your customers and influencers. That’s why you need to create authentic and long-term relationships with influencers.

    Influencer marketing may sound complicated and an intimidating strategy to have as part of your marketing efforts. However, it can be made simple by following a few best practices. We specialize in not only helping our clients connect with influencer networks but also in fostering long-term relationships with customers and influencers so that they can become brand advocates.


  • Digital Media

    Digital Media

    The past few years have seen a massive explosion of the digital media world. Digital media is changing people’s day-to-day life. It has impacted the way people and businesses connect, communicate and collaborate in civil, work as well as business settings. It is empowering and enabling people and speeding up democratization of knowledge and understanding.

    This digital media proliferation has changed the way businesses are run. It has created challenges for several businesses while also offering numerous opportunities for enterprises. New social media platforms keep emerging every other day. While this offers more opportunities for businesses to reach out to their prospects, it also presents a dilemma of the right platform for them. Moreover, organizations need to approach digital media with the right strategy to achieve success.

    The truth is that the frequently changing digital media landscape can be confusing and difficult to keep up with. As digital media consultants, we identify how digital media affects businesses and how they should act accordingly. We do not consult organizations in the traditional sense. We help them with when and where they should be present digitally. We understand the best mix of platforms and technologies to create the best strategies for businesses and help them execute it.

  • improved efficiency

    Social Advertising

    It is no secret today that online advertising offers seemingly endless options for organizations to advertise their offerings and a significant portion of these opportunities are provided by social media platforms. Social media networks provide enterprises the means to target the exact demographics of audience, big or small, in the most cost-effective form of advertising present today and allows you to build meaningful relationships with your audience.

    Statistics show that social media takes a major chunk of the cake when it comes to online media expenditure. This means that businesses are investing heavily in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to reach out to their customers. And that’s not all. New social media platforms keep emerging every other day. Moreover, the social media landscape too is changing with some of the big companies taking over the smaller ones.

    With so many choices and changes in the landscape, creating a social advertising strategy that suits your business can be a challenge. We take a multi-channel approach to social media advertising, as we know that not only do social platforms drive conversions on their own, but also drive engagements and conversions from other digital channels. Our expertise in social media advertising help you connect your services to the right audience and drive higher returns on your social media investment.

  • improved efficiency

    Search Advertising

    Search engine advertising or simply search advertising is a powerful way of placing advertisements in the digital world and attracting potential customers as people reveal their purchase intent when they type a query on a search engine. Advertisers can utilize search queries to bid for keywords so that their advertisements show up when users type these keywords in their search queries.

    Search advertising allows organizations to create ads that are far more targeted than a billboard or a newspaper ad. When done right, search advertising can become a very effective way of driving conversions and sales. It is for this reason, paid search has become an important marketing effort for almost all organizations. However, care should be taken when building and managing your search campaigns. Else, seemingly small mistakes could negatively affect your revenues and returns.

    We take a structured and analytical approach in creating search engine advertising and PPC campaigns for our customers. We meticulously analyze and refine different aspects including the brand, its category and offerings, keyword research and optimization, bid optimization and landing pages. We also test various ad formats to identify successful campaigns. Not only this but we also create strategies and use valuable insights to provide a holistic approach to search advertising for helping our clients achieve their business goals.

  • Mobile Advertising

    Mobile Advertising

    In today’s world, mobile has changed the way the world runs. The world is moving more towards mobile and handheld devices such as tablets and PDAs. In fact, mobile handsets outnumber television sets across the world and the number keeps growing. People use their mobile phones to check the time, weather and even their appointments. Moreover, mobile applications of all sorts are the order of the day. This means that there is a higher chance of a potential customer seeing a mobile ad than traditional forms of advertisements.

    This gives organizations huge opportunities to advertise for mobile devices to connect to their potential buyers and attract them. As mobile advertisements allow advertisers to target the right audience, mobile advertising makes a more effective marketing strategy. Today, a significant number of enterprises are already utilizing the mobile platform as an inclusive tools to drive profits.

    As someone who understands the need and benefits of being on the mobile platform, we help our clients create and deliver mobile ads that not only drive real and personalized experiences for their customers, but also win the battle for their customers’ hearts and wallets.

  • Display Advertising

    Display Advertising

    With various forms of online advertising and marketing strategies making their way into enterprises’ tool kits, display advertising may seem to have taken a backseat. However, display ads play a very important role in driving website traffic. This is because they have gone beyond the traditional banner images to video ads, GIFs and advertisements of other visually attractive formats.

    Display ads provide organizations an opportunity to improve their brand visibility, build awareness faster and attract the right customers to the website. They are also less intrusive, which helps an enterprise’s target customers remember it and develop trust towards the brand.

    Yet, many advertisers and organizations approach display advertising in a traditional form of buying ad impressions and hoping for the best. However, display advertising now offers a breadth of targeting options based on demographics, search history, third-party placements and email lists. This, combined with active management, allows brands to reach out to the right audience for their businesses.

    This is where we excel as an organization. We don’t just focus on ad impressions but on driving web traffic and most importantly, conversions and achieving our customers’ business goals. We have expertise in not only targeting and ad options, but we also optimize ads to maximize their performance. Additionally, we help businesses attract the maximum website traffic through placement of display ads on a wide array of channels on multiple devices.

  • Digital PR

    Digital PR

    Digital PR is proving to be a very effective method in recent times for reaching out to more prospective customers and gaining trust as well as establishing industry authority. Over the past few years, more and more people are finding and sharing online news and information. This opens up wonderful opportunities to establish their credibility among the online audience.

    Organizations around the world have witnessed this trend of increasing consumption of online content and have realized the need for establishing reputation among their online consumers. With this goal in mind, more organizations have started working with PR firms.

    A good digital PR strategy combines proven PR practices, latest digital trends and innovative content marketing strategies and social media campaigns. As experts in each of these aspects of digital PR, digital marketing and content marketing, we create integrated PR campaigns that bring remarkable results to our clients. We understand our customers’ needs and develop the right PR strategies that help them establish a strong relationship with their customers, gain important digital media coverage and attract quality links and referrals to their brand.

  • Native Advertising

    Native Advertising

    The world of digital media advertising is ever evolving with several new trends becoming popular among organizations and marketers. Native advertising is one such latest trend in the digital media and marketing space. With more and more online audience becoming frustrated with irrelevant and intrusive ads, ad blockers became more popular. Organizations realized the diminishing user experience due these ads caused and this is where native advertising made its way.

    Native advertising is a non-intrusive way of advertising a brand’s offerings and hence doesn’t get blocked. The biggest advantage of native advertisements is that they gel into the content and hence don’t get ignored as it preserves the user experience. Native ads look like content people actually seek out, such as a problem solution or product information.

    Companies across industries are now looking to adopt native advertising to enable deeper audience penetration and engagement, and shape perception about the brand. With our proficiency in native advertising, we help organizations to reach and engage with their intended customers, build trust and drive conversions through the content their customers love and appreciate.

Marketing Technology

  • Marketing Technology Consulting

    Marketing Technology Consulting

    Today’s marketing teams have a lot on their plates. They need to focus on prospects, customers, channels, timing, content, reporting and much more. In addition to these, they are also expected to learn upcoming and latest technologies in order to perform their activities optimally on a day-to-day basis. However, the people in these roles are working hard enough and often don’t have the necessary support, time or reach to update themselves. Moreover, with the ever-changing technologies, it is hard to keep up with the latest ones while focusing on their core responsibilities. Additionally, organizations also encounter other challenges such as technological dependencies and lack of knowledge of the best solutions for the business.

    That is where we come in. As experts in the field of marketing and technology, we know very well how to blend the two important aspects of business to provide the perfect marketing technology solutions to our clients. Additionally, as an Internet First company, we know what works and what doesn’t in today’s fast changing digital world. Hence, we provide the solutions that are specifically focused on addressing today’s digital marketing challenges. Not only this, but we help organizations identify their blind spots and empower them with unique insights and reports to optimize the productivity of their resources.

  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation

    Many organizations and marketers would have heard about the term marketing automation while having little clue of what it does. Simply put, marketing automation helps organizations to automate its repetitive tasks such as emails, website and social media actions. The idea of automating marketing processes is to make the marketing activity more efficient and easier.

    Automating marketing processes and activities provides a competitive advantage to any forward thinking organization. In fact, top performing organizations that use marketing automation see better lead nurturing, better conversion rates, faster sales cycles, greater average deals sizes, higher quota achievement and higher customer delight.

    Having said that, it is not an easy marketing initiative to execute. Moreover, more marketers seek out marketing automation softwares under the impression that these will provide the necessary solution for their digital marketing activities. However, this leaves them with more tools to automate and fewer solutions.

    That is why we believe in providing the right marketing automation solutions than having unnecessary software. We help organizations identify solutions that meet their strategic objectives and needs. We utilize our expertise and industry experience to identify the right automation software and help them design and execute successful as well as automated marketing campaigns that enable them to maximize their marketing reach and results.

  • Proximity Marketing

    Proximity Marketing

    Proximity marketing or hyper-local marketing is a powerful way of targeting potential customers who walk into your stores through engaging, contextually relevant and customized mobile ads and prompting them to make more in-store purchases when they are in a shopping zone, thereby growing your sales and customer loyalty.

    Proximity marketing utilize mobile technology and tools such as beacons to detect the mobile devices that are in the proximity of a retail outlet, shopping zone or public space. The detection sensors and tools then send this data to an integrated database that enables the retailer to send out attractive and relevant ads to the customer who can arrive at a purchase decision swiftly.

    We help organizations to transform their in-store customer experience and engagement by using technology and intelligent solutions. Our solutions help enterprises identify interested and loyal customers in the store’s proximity and what interests them when they enter a particular store environment, thus helping businesses improve in-store traffic. Our solutions also enable businesses to analyze product and store performance as well as sales and customer behavior for taking quick decisions.

  • Campaign Management

    Campaign Management

    The constant change in the digital marketing landscape is disrupting while also providing opportunities for organizations and marketers to connect with consumers in better ways. More than ever, businesses are now expected to adapt to the changes in the digital marketing ecosystem. They are expected to develop marketing campaigns that are cross-channel, personalized and of top quality in order to achieve the right brand conversations and experience among their customers in today’s business world.

    However, the evolution of various online marketing channels such as email, social media and mobile as well as people’s shifting preferences between digital platforms have made cross-channel campaign management a complex task. Moreover, it is difficult for enterprises to make sense of all the data coming in from various forms and channels. Businesses need solutions that can help them make sense of this data and utilize it to create as well as manage campaigns effectively.

    We understand this challenge and create solutions which synchronize customer data, channels and content, and enable businesses to deliver consistent and personalized brand messages across all digital channels. We not only enable organizations to execute highly engaging, relevant and real-time campaigns but also help them easily manage them, monitor and analyze their performance against set goals to improve campaign productivity.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    Enterprise Content Management

    Customers today are smarter and expect a privileged and personalized experience every time they come online and request information. A well-curated information, presented to them in the right format on the right platform keeps them delighted while helping you establish credibility.

    However, enterprises have large volumes of unstructured data and information in the form of excel sheets, word documents, customer interaction records and various other formats. These form key information assets for enterprises. Managing this kind of data and information in a structured and an accessible way can create significant value for these organizations. With such volumes of unstructured data, a proper enterprise content management solution has to be implemented, which automates workflow processes, streamlines the lifecycle of information and eliminate operational inefficiencies.

    Our content management solutions makes it easier for enterprises to manage unstructured content using well-defined processes to help them meet process integration, business continuity, and compliance requirement as well as deliver the personalized experience their customers expect.

  • Account based Marketing

    Account Based Marketing

    Many B2B organizations try to create marketing campaigns in the hopes of appealing to as many companies as possible in their target market. However, there a newer and better way of getting the best value out of B2B marketing has emerged. This alternative marketing strategy is account based marketing (ABM).

    Account based marketing or key account marketing is a marketing approach where organizations treat their key business accounts as markets of one and employ personalized campaigns that resonate with each account. ABM offers the benefits of driving business results, reducing resource waste, clearer goal tracking and measurements, and more efficient ways of aligning sales and marketing.

    ABM is particularly useful for enterprises with multiple buyers or stakeholders as they hold the greatest promise of adding to the organization’s bottom line. It is hence necessary to create a high level of personalization for these accounts through highly targeted content. Account based marketing may seem overwhelming. Account based marketing may appear overwhelming and little tricky for several organizations.

    That is why we take an integrated approach to make it less overwhelming for enterprises. Our approach and expertise in using the right tools, technologies and strategies enable businesses to engage accounts and key individuals that matter the most for them by personalizing their content and campaigns to deliver targeted messages.

Advertising Technology

  • AdTech Consulting

    AdTech Consulting

    The age of social media and big data have forced ad agencies to find novel ways to communicate and engage with relevant users rather than traditional digital media buys. They have started realizing that implementing advertising technologies makes them more powerful and attractive to their customers. According to a survey by eMarketer, 74 per cent of senior marketers consider it important for an agency to have data/analytics capabilities and these capabilities are the deciding criteria of selecting an agency.

    So, what is advertising technology and why should it matter?

    Advertising technology or Ad tech is an umbrella term used for the set of tools and software that enable brands and ad agencies to direct, deliver and analyze their online marketing efforts. Ad tech methodologies empower agencies and marketers with better targeting capabilities for delivering the right content to the right customers at the right time.

    Today ad tech methods allow agencies to take support of influential data to make decisions and position digital ads when and where they are needed. This helps them eliminate unnecessary efforts and resources while making ads useful to the consumers and brands.

    In effect, advertising technology is designed to help agencies and marketers make the optimum utilization of their ad budgets. When agencies and advertising technology come together, user experiences get increasingly polished and positive while agencies and marketers will get the reward for their efforts.

    As advertising technology experts, we help businesses establish proper structures, choose the right tools and support sustained ad campaigns irrespective of whether they are agencies, advertisers or enterprises.

  • Programmatic Advertising

    Programmatic advertising

    Programmatic advertising forms an important component of ad networks and advertising technology. In very simple terms, programmatic is a software-driven technology that allows to automate the various parts of digital ad buying process.

    There are two key drivers for the rapid growth of programmatic

    • Targeting Relevancy - Programmatic allows advertisers to incorporate large amounts of data from various sources such as websites and cookies to serve ads that are highly precise and relevant to users based on demography, behavior and other individual characteristics. Using programmatic, ad agencies can determine to whom and when exactly the ad should be served.
    • Buying Efficiency - Programmatic uses technology and software in order to automate the process of buying and selling digital ad inventory with high speeds as well as in real-time owing to the elimination of lengthy manual processes.

    As per eMarketer, programmatic became the dominant way of buying and selling digital ad space in US in 2015 with 55 per cent of ad buys happening in this way. Programmatic has caught up throughout the world and is witnessing strong growth.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Predictive analytics and advertising

    Predictive advertising is another area of Ad tech that is rapidly gaining attention owing to the massive strides in big data and machine learning. It is essentially a part of predictive analytics which uses machine learning to determine future outcomes based on historical data of customer behavioral patterns. These predictions can be utilized for several purposes such as identifying the leads that are highly likely to close and so on.

    With predictive analytics, marketing and advertising campaigns can target audience segments based on large data about their behaviour signals and buying preferences, and personalize the ads to make these ads more relevant. Ad bids too can be optimized based on the customer data.

    How is it changing the advertising landscape?

    There are many ways in which predictive analytics and advertising are being applied in the world of digital advertising. For example, machine learning models are now being used to make decisions instead of using set rules. Predictive advertising can be used by advertisers to identify and target a wider range of users similar to and based on the organization’s existing audience profile and attributes.

    Additionally, predictive retargeting can map customer intent signals going beyond their actions on the websites to offer much richer targeting capabilities. Lastly, predictive bidding algorithms have the capability to adjust in real-time based on the information acquired by the system about the session user.

  • People Based Marketing

    People-based marketing

    Similar to programmatic and predictive analytics, people-based marketing marks a shift towards creating meaningful engagements with the right audience through the right messages. However, rather than targeting ads to devices using cookies, it takes targeting one level further and focuses on connecting with customers across all the devices they use wherever they are.

    People-based marketing can be considering the most targeted and powerful form of behavioral marketing as it combines user intent or customer’s buying behavior, customer’s persistent identity which is acquired from all channels and devices they use anywhere, and their role in making decisions to deliver the right message. As opposed to behavioral marketing, it takes a proactive approach to engage the user in real-time across all channels and devices. It also enables advertisers and marketers unlock new sources of revenue and unlock an omni-channel business.

    The true power of people-based marketing lies in the fact that it focuses on a business’s ultimate target - the consumer, as opposed to a device or channel.

    With our expertise in combining these key elements, we are able to help businesses create more meaningful moments specifically designed for a real person across all devices and channels at any given point of time.


  • Blockchain

    It is a fact that the industry is witnessing a dramatic transition towards the ‘Blockchain’ technology. Popularly known as the back-end technology for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain is now gradually coming into mainstream—in pursuit of dominating the entire technology landscape. While keeping a track on all the financial transactions – from beginning to end – was the primary purpose for which blockchain was designed, there are many other benefits of deploying the technology in constantly fluctuating business scenarios. Needless to say, this involves almost all forms of commercial banking services. Apart from that, the technology also imprints its innovation in other areas such as supply chain management, retail and e-commerce advertising, foreign exchange, and identity management.

    So, what exactly is the Blockchain?

    Simply put by Don and Alex Tapscott, authors of Blockchain Revolution (2016),

    "The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value."

    Considering the widespread deployments across the financial sector, it is evident that in the not-so-distant future, Blockchain will make financial transactions more and more clear, secure and fast; optimizing operational costs as it grows. Envisioning this future from a strategic consultant’s viewpoint, we are well aware of the latest trends and technologies available in the marketplace.

    Our Blockchain consulting services are constantly focused on making the journey easier for organizations—solving key issues and formulating strategies that perfectly align with the business priorities. Moreover, a crucial factor for financial organizations - our blockchain solutions are specifically tailored to reduce the overall security costs. Thus, as the organizations move forward in their blockchain journey, transactions will become more and more transparent and tamper-proof.

Big Data Analytics

  • Big Data and Analytics

    When we talk about big data, one fact is undeniable - greater the number of devices, greater will be the volume of data produced. However, managing and gaining insights from a mountain of data oftentimes become a massive hurdle for enterprises.

    To deal with this in a practical manner, enterprises must initially understand yet another fact - as big data gains momentum, it needs to be blended with the right analytics tools that can portray real-time actionable insights on the underlying data. Overall, putting this simple step into action can do wonders for enterprises. Enterprises can make informed business decisions; helping them inject the agility they need to make headway in business. This can be true, but what does the future hold for big data and analytics?

    Looking at the current growth rate, the future of big data and analytics appears to be quite promising—newer and innovative ways to analyse data will emerge; groundbreaking tools with exceptional capabilities will surface; machine learning and cognitive computing will be leveraged; and real-time data streaming will become a popular trend. Alongside these developments, the focus on data security and privacy will be on the rise.

    To gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, it is crucial to identify and implement the right tools for specific business purposes. Endowed with a team of experts, our big data and analytics consulting services help enterprises achieve this feat effortlessly. Moreover, keeping a precise modus operandi in mind, the strategies we provide ultimately focus on - 1) boosting operational agility; 2) taking a comprehensive approach in problem solving, and scaling.

Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Technology

    All talks about the internet-first ideology stands incomplete without mentioning the dominating role played by cloud computing. Today, everything, as we know, is moving to the cloud—from applications, to massive volumes of data; effectively ditching the need for on-premise data centers. Envisioning the widening scope of cloud, rigorous efforts are being made by enterprises to make the transition as smooth as possible. This involves adopting third party cloud computing solutions—such as the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and more.

    Enterprises are well-aware of the fact that these cloud solutions offer a wide array of benefits—such as disaster recovery, flexibility, collaboration, security, environment friendliness, automatic updates and more. All these benefits can be achieved in a cost effective manner; helping them unlock the true potential of their businesses.

    Future predictions suggest that machine learning, serverless architectures and NoOps will come into mainstream, and will be made simpler for ease-of-use. Moreover, apart from the current industry practices, cloud computing will focus more on virtual infrastructure and the various processes that will be involved in its management. Envisioning this future however, the widespread availability of cloud solutions can sometimes become confusing when it comes to implementation, problem solving and scaling.

    This is where we come in. As a strategic consulting firm, with a proven expertise in cloud technology, we help you find the best-in-class cloud services and solutions that optimize operational costs and instantly add value to businesses.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Today, as data empowers most of the business processes, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a boon for organizations worldwide. While the primary goal of AI is to minimize human intervention and inject automation into businesses, it is no brainer that the technology is making far more progress than one could ever imagine. Tesla’s self-driving car model is indeed a substantial proof of this—embedded with the ability to process millions of driving data on the move; thus, putting an end to even the slightest possibility of human errors.

    Although machine learning – a part of cognitive computing – has been there for a while, its applications are innovative in every aspect, and constantly evolving. For instance, it deploys processes such as data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing to bridge the gap between humans and machines. With that being said, the use cases of machine learning are numerous—such as finance trading, data security, personal security, healthcare, fraud detection and more. Apart from this, deep learning is a crucial part of machine learning. These days, it focuses on a far more advanced level of AI—algorithms constructed by the structure and functions of the human brain; termed as artificial neural networks.

    Moreover, driven by a perfect blend of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and cloud, AI is innovating diverse industrial realms with the latest trends; such as - The Algorithm Economy, Data Flywheels, and Cloud Hosted Intelligences; creating new possibilities in a cost and time efficient manner. In fact, by the implementation of open source algorithms and machine learning codes, these trends will help enterprises build cutting-edge applications that can carve their path towards a smarter future.

    Strategy empowers innovation. And we, as a consultant know how strategic planning holds vital importance while dealing with AI. Partnering with industry-best technology providers, we offer services and solutions that address the underlying challenges, and help enterprises gain a competitive edge in the AI landscape.

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Internet of Things

    Living in a cloud-driven era where devices have the urge of getting connected to each other, it is evident that the Internet of Things is gradually making its impact on numerous enterprises as well as consumers. Everything is getting connected—from smart watches, autonomous cars and smart refrigerators, to numerous industrial applications. However, despite the possibilities, today’s enterprises and consumers are awestruck by the diversity of devices the IoT landscape exhibits; leading them towards a state of utter confusion when it comes to implementation.

    As the trend of IoT solidifies, CIO’s are in a constant hunt for the best-of-breed solutions available in the marketplace. Innovatively, these sensor-driven solutions can steer the enterprises towards enhanced agility, simplicity, flexibility and efficiency in business operations. Moreover, the advent of high-speed 5G networks will add further value to the IoT—improving connectivity between devices. From the security standpoint, the evolution will definitely pave a path for greater consolidation; minimizing the need to frequently check each interaction between the devices—to lower the latency.

    As we can see, all of these future possibilities are innovative, but they will probably come along with a series of issues—large and small. Our consulting services, and solutions are inclined towards the latest IoT trends and practices that help enterprises unlock the true potential of their business. Collaborating with numerous technology partners, we formulate flexible yet highly productive strategies – blended with top-class security – to manage the new and diverse ecosystem of IoT devices.


Envisioning the scope of the above mentioned innovative and trending technologies, it can be understood that the future of businesses is on the brighter side. Moreover, leveraging our diverse array of services and solutions will give the impetus your company needs to stay ahead in a competitive business landscape.