Influencer marketing has been there for quite a long time; and its popularity is spreading rapidly among B2B marketers. This is truly because they are now realizing how it can be a smart alternative to traditional advertising practices that are expensive and unreliable. However, the main reason is - consumers are getting smarter, and they don't like to be advertised to and receive messages daily. On the other side, the buyer’s journey has also changed dramatically ever since the advent of the internet—impacting the B2B sales and marketing space worldwide.

So what exactly is B2B Influencer Marketing? and how does it help?

Technically speaking, influencer marketing happens when an organization leverages the efficiency of paid influencers to promote their brand. These are usually individuals with a well-recognized expertise; and most importantly, a well-established presence in social media platforms. The process can happen in two ways - either the influencer may create the promotional content themselves, or the brand may co-produce it. Ideally, the right influencers should have these three qualities that can prove beneficial for b2b marketers:

Reach: The ability to deliver a message to a large audience or to a specific niche audience.

Relevance: The strength of connection with brands, industries or topics.

Resonance: The ability to—be heard, inspire the audience, and drive desired behavior.

That’s a lot of talk about the basics. Now let’s dive deep into the key benefits that influencer marketing has to offer; for organizations looking to amplify their brand reach and attract more customers.

Draws in Highly Targeted Traffic to the Company Website

You may attract a thousand visitors to your website; per day. And that’s indeed a great goal to achieve. However, you must also understand a fact that if those visitors aren’t targeted, there are fewer chances of them getting converted into customers. This is because they are likely to lose interest when they realize the website does not contain the products or services they are actively looking for. Consequently, this can lead to low conversion rates and high bounce rates; which affects the website’s search engine rankings negatively.

Thanks to influencer marketing. It utilizes the influencers’ marketing channels in a particular industry that the business is targeting. Gradually yet definitely, massive volumes of highly targeted traffic get directed to the company’s website; offering them exactly what they are looking for.

Promotes the Game of Backlinks

Apart from offering brands and businesses with highly targeted traffic, influencer marketing also provides some valuable backlinks. Technically, when an influencer publishes a content – on their blog or social media channels – regarding your company’s products or services, they will create backlinks to your website. This works because influencers usually own websites that have incredibly high ranking metrics. And their high-quality backlinks can eventually boost your website’s Google rankings.

Makes Your Brand Authentic and Trusted

It’s a no-brainer. When influencers are trusted by their audience, connecting your business with them will make your brand authentic and trusted. This is because customers hate being sold to, and influencer marketing does it in the right way—promoting your brand in a way that doesn’t make it look over promotional.

All in All

Although there are numerous tactics to implement Influencer marketing, it takes time and a great deal of dedication and focus. The influencer will, and should talk about the pros and cons of your products. That’s exactly how it should be—honest, credible and transparent; far better than traditional ad campaigns. All in all, when done right, B2B influencer marketing can be a smart way to showcase your product to the customers.

Originally published , updated March 15 2018