Digital marketing campaigns require a lot of hard work and effort. Consequently, you want to ensure yours is successful. To do this, it's important to understand the many challenges that crop up during a campaign and how to solve them. This is where inbound marketing comes into play, as it can be used to solve a lot of the issues and drive your campaign towards success.

Below, we’ve listed some common challenges and how you can get by them:

Finding A Target AudienceThe first challenge is finding your audience. You need to find the right audience, as it dictates how you go about the rest of your campaign. Research your industry, look at your company and figure out the key demographic that will be most interested in your business. Now, you have the framework for a campaign that’s built to appeal to a certain audience, and increase engagement.

Generating Leads: Lead generation is always a challenge, particularly in the competitive online world. A lot of businesses spend money on online adverts or traditional email marketing. While these ideas can work, they’re not amazingly effective at generating lots of quality leads. Instead, focus on inbound ideas like SEO, content creation, and social media. With SEO, focus on certain keywords that are relevant to your business website. These are keywords your target market is likely to be searching for. Then, adapt your site to include these keywords in its content, page titles, headers, meta descriptions, etc. With good keyword density, you’ll move your website up the search rankings meaning you’re one of the first sites to appear when your target market is searching for these keywords. So, there’s an increased likelihood they’ll click your link and find your site.

You should also use social media to connect with your target market and direct them to your site. Along with this, creating content via blogs also helps you use keywords and draw in the right audience. With an inbound approach, your campaign is built around drawing in the right audience, helping you generate quality leads that are easier to convert.

Competing With Rivals: Another challenge you face is competing with your rivals for your leads. As such, it’s vital you study your competition and analyze their performance. Make a list of your top competitors for certain keywords in search engines, then look at what they’re doing well. By doing this, you can adapt your campaign to do everything your rivals are doing, as well as including ideas that they’re missing out on.

Engaging Your Audience We mentioned the importance of finding your target audience earlier on. Well, it’s vitally important that you keep them engaged or your campaign won’t have the desired effect. To do this, you need to focus on content marketing. It’s one of the best forms of inbound marketing and is focused on creating great content that your audience enjoys and can engage with. With great content, you keep people interested and make your campaign live longer in their memory.

As you can see, if you adopt the inbound approach and focus on doing things that attract the right people to your business, your campaign will be far more successful. You’ll get over the biggest hurdles and have a campaign that engages a target audience and helps generate quality leads that could be easily converted.

Originally published , updated March 15 2018