As customers begin their buying journey, they need to be delivered a consistent message across all digital touchpoints throughout their journey. Traditional digital marketing techniques fail to achieve this as they are fragmented. Additionally, they lack a data-driven approach required to understand their customers and deliver the right message at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

In order to achieve sales growth, businesses need a holistic, data-driven understanding of their customers. This is where growth marketing comes in. In contrast to traditional marketing, it offers clear, actionable strategies for business growth. It enables organizations to harness data, analytics, and technology to develop and execute effective marketing strategies that yield enduring customer relationships.

What is Growth7?

7EDGE Growth7 is a strategic growth marketing solution designed to help businesses achieve higher growth by generating more sales and revenues while reducing operational expenses. Growth7 takes an Internet First approach, combining the latest of internet tools and technologies as well as the right strategies and techniques at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Growth7 aims at not only helping organizations witness an instant stellar growth but also to sustain this growth over a long period with minimum operational expenses.

Why Growth7?

Growth7 distinguishes itself from other digital marketing solutions owing to several factors. The following are a few factors that differentiate Growth7 from others.

Powerful customer engagement framework

Growth7 takes a 4-stage approach to engage customers. This, combined with the right digital channels and engagement strategy to communicate with customers at each stage, creates a powerful marketing framework. 

Optimal utilization of digital channels

Traditional digital marketing follows the spray-and-pray method when it comes to utilizing digital platform and channels. Our solution utilizes strategies that make optimal use of digital media platforms along with precise targeting and right techniques to help organizations achieve quick results. 

Quick results combined with sustained growth

Growth7 employs strategies that help organizations achieve quick results and at the same time achieve long-term sustainable growth by organically attracting and retaining the right customers for their business. With Growth7, organizations can achieve up to 88% percent growth in revenue while reducing operational expenses above 20%.

Machine learning to solve complex marketing problems

Highly personalized communication is the need of the hour and traditional digital marketing fails to achieve this. Growth7 leverages the latest development in machine learning to gain valuable customer insights so that organizations can create personalized offers that suit their customer needs.

Growth7 Benefits

  • Reduces the need for multiple partners and platforms in every step
  •  In a single investment, it offers the right people and tools for the job 
  •  Get updates on all your marketing processes from a single source
  •  Scalable solution that can be adapted to your specific business needs
  •  Reduces resource costs through automation and machine learning.

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Originally published , updated April 09 2018