Since cloud technology was first used it’s changed the way we’ve done a lot of things. There are many benefits of cloud computing and using a cloud infrastructure to manage your workload. What this article will address is the relationship between cloud infrastructures like Amazon Web Services and the marketing space.

Specifically, we want to look at the different ways the cloud is changing the world of digital marketing:

Scalable Digital Marketing Campaigns

All digital marketers work tirelessly to make their campaigns work. They put in hours and hours to try and drive more traffic to a specific website or web page. The main struggle is learning how to cope with large streams of incoming traffic. You have to have servers in place to deal with the extra activity, but you don’t know exactly when you can use them. But, with cloud software like AWS, you have the ability to auto-scale your campaigns. By using auto-scaling cloud software, your website will be ready for the incoming traffic and can handle it so easily ensuring everything runs smoothly. 

Easier Management Of Sales Cycles

It used to be a chore trying to keep track of all the different sales cycles happening at one time. Previously, you’d use regular spreadsheet software to try and keep tabs on everything. Now, cloud-based programs like Amazon Web Services mean you can use spreadsheet software in the cloud. This allows you to manage your sales cycles from anywhere at any time as you can access the spreadsheets via the cloud. Consequently, productivity is greatly improved.

Better Analytics Opportunities

Cloud-based software has opened a whole world of opportunities for analytics in marketing campaigns. You can use cloud-based software to analyze things in real-time, which is such a benefit for digital marketers. It means you get to see site stats and traffic numbers as they happen. As a result, things can be spotted extremely quickly meaning you can alter your campaign and scale it to make it even better. For example, you could use real-time analytics and find out that you’re getting loads of traffic from one source and not a lot through another. Therefore, you know it’s right to really push the profitable traffic source and direct more resources there.

Support Across Different Channels 

When digital marketing first came on the scene, it was confined to web-based campaigns only. Now, people are using all manner of devices to surf the web, and digital marketing needs to adapt. Cloud infrastructure makes this possible by offering support across lots of different channels such as mobile, etc. You can access the cloud on any device and use it to create campaigns for any device too. This greatly increases your exposure and means your marketing campaigns are seen by larger audiences.

Cloud-based software such as AWS has helped change the dynamic of digital marketing. Now, it’s a lot easier to create scalable campaigns across multiple devices thanks to the wealth of software available. Campaigns are better managed too, meaning there’s a greater chance of success if you use the cloud to your advantage.

Originally published , updated March 15 2018