The healthcare industry across the world is changing at a rapid pace and is on a growth path today. According to a research report by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India, the size of the healthcare industry is expected to reach $280 billion by 2020. Yet, the country’s healthcare industry faces several challenges. Some of them include lack of actionable digital data, process-centric workflows, process automation and poor patient experience.

In order to address these challenges and facilitate enhanced patient care, an integrated IT system, as well as data-driven and automated processes, must be implemented.

What is Health7?

Health7 is a robust digital transformation solution which delivers quality and improved patient care through a modern application for digital healthcare management. It brings together powerful, cognitive and analytical capabilities that provide deeper insights to the healthcare providers. The solution is built on an agile and scalable cloud infrastructure. It also integrates seamlessly with existing hospital management system, thus empowering hospitals to focus on innovation while saving time and controlling operational expenses.

With Health7, the hospital will be able to provide its patients with increased transparency and better patient care. Simultaneously, it will be able to boost their experience with the hospital and care providers. Automation, advanced data analytics and machine learning capabilities help in streamlining the healthcare supply chain based on previous needs and patterns in the demand, especially through the use of real-time reporting. 

Why Health7?

Health7 differentiates itself from other digital healthcare solutions owing to its features that are focused on the various stakeholders involved in the healthcare ecosystem viz., the patient, the doctor and the hospital management. Here are a few salient features of the solution.

Benefits it offers to members of the healthcare ecosystem

Patients are the most important component of the healthcare ecosystem. Health7 offers them various benefits including quick access to their profile and medical history on digital interfaces through EMRs, online robo advisory, real-time health monitoring through wearable devices and smart apps, access to their medical bills and transaction history, and a hassle-free and queueless appointment booking options. When at a hospital, the solution also offers them convenient navigation and access to services through progressive apps.

On the other hand, Health7 facilitates doctors to provide swift and better care to patients. This is done by providing them access to patient records and their medical history from anywhere and at any time through EMRs stores on secure cloud servers, sending notifications about their patient appointments and cancellations, and offering real-time visibility into medicines, blood units and other important medical equipment so that they can guide patients accordingly. The solution also helps them send pharmacies electronic prescriptions directly thus reducing medical errors.

Besides enabling delivery of swifter and more accurate patient care delivery, the solution also offers several other benefits to the hospital and its management. The solution provides complete visibility into the hospital’s operations and performance, an efficient queue management system, scalable and managed cloud-based infrastructure, in-depth analytics and reports that enable improved hospital performance, and real-time visibility into the blood bank and inventory for efficient supply and inventory management.

AI-empowered solution

Health7 is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered solution. This means that complex algorithms and the machine learning components of the solution can analyze complex medical data with high accuracy and contribute to better diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, it can also help understand patient behavior and detecting subtle nuances which is easily missed by the human eye, so that enhanced medical care can be provided. Besides treatment, it can also be used to provide customer delight to patients. For example, AI-powered personal assistants can be used at hospitals to provide personalized attention to patients in the absence of a medical professional. 

A seamlessly scalable solution

Health7 is a cloud-based SaaS solution. This means that the solution allows scaling of operations across hospitals and geographical locations. It can accommodate addition and customization of new services, features, and functionalities as per hospital requirement. Moreover, it can also accommodate scaling up and down of the infrastructure as per the hospital’s requirements.

Health7 benefits

Health7 offers several benefits to the doctors, the hospital management as well as the patient. The following are some of the benefits of the solution.

  • The solution enables up to 30% reduction in operating expenditure owing to reduced medical errors, duplicate lab tests and labor requirement.
  • Hospitals can experience annual cost savings of up to 36% through automation.
  • Hospitals and doctors can experience a boost in their efficiency due to a superior appointment scheduling system.
  • Patients can experience not only quick and better care but also seamless customer experiences across all touchpoints

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Originally published , updated May 08 2018