Amazon Web Services (AWS) has indeed become a commonplace for large organizations trying to migrate their websites and campaigns to the cloud. Consequently, this has led to organizations seeing a lot more success in their business operations. As a matter of fact, it largely narrows down to AWS being able to help create scalable digital campaigns; thanks to its massive array of cloud software and products.

Today, we’re going to have a look at AWS and figure out what makes it so valuable for many popular businesses nowadays.

Stability & Security

One of the main reasons companies use AWS is due to its incredible stability. There are numerous case studies where businesses have said that the stability of AWS allowed them to focus on their main operations rather than maintaining and managing their cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, AWS has incredible security features which helped companies feel comfortable using the service as they knew it would protect their private information. As a result, they could avoid focusing on things like security and be more mindful of their main jobs.

Automated Scaling

If you look at all the case studies involving AWS and digital marketing, there is one clear thing that stands out; every business has enjoyed success due to the automated scaling features. AWS is designed to automatically scale infrastructures during periods of peak activity. What this means is that when traffic spikes happen, websites don’t crash due to the abnormal overload of activity. This has proved extremely helpful as companies are able to scale their digital marketing campaigns with ease and create ideas that drive lots of traffic to a site all in one go, without worrying about whether their site can handle it.

Mobile Solutions

In a world that’s dominated by mobile technology, many businesses are moving their marketing plans to mobile devices. AWS caters to this with loads of mobile applications and software that plenty of mobile business are using. It allows users the ability to scale their digital marketing campaigns and tailor them specifically for mobile devices. As well as this, they can access data and analytics for all of their mobile activities.

Low-Cost Marketing

AWS enables businesses to create digital marketing campaigns without breaking their budget or being forced to hire new people. By using a cloud infrastructure, a lot of the technical work is done behind the scenes and automated by AWS. Infrastructure costs are brought to an all-time low, which means businesses are able to use their marketing budgets in more effective ways too. Instead of spending a portion of their budget on maintaining a physical infrastructure, they can spend it on revenue-generating ideas. They’re able to grow their campaign and include new ideas that they wouldn’t be able to afford if they paid for a physical infrastructure. Likewise, this low cost makes it possible for smaller businesses to manage and run a digital campaign.

It is clear from the countless case studies out there that AWS is a brilliant tool for businesses of all sizes. A lot of popular companies are migrating their infrastructure to AWS in the hope that they’ll reap the same rewards being seen by other businesses.

Originally published , updated March 15 2018