Display ads are created with the purpose of attracting customers so that they end up buying a company’s products or services. However, it has been increasingly seen that display advertising has become one of the least performing advertising tactics in recent years though it is still relevant. If you are one of the advertisers who is struggling to improve the effectiveness of your display advertisements, we present to you seven ways in which you can improve your display advertisements. 

Use the right content

When it comes to digital marketing, content is still the king. To improve the efficiency of your online advertising, your ads must have the right and high-quality content in it. Ads can make or mar your brand image. For the advertising to work, your ads must get better and deliver better user experience so that they can drive user conversations and engagement. One tactic you may use to improve the quality of your ad is to display product-attributes effectively than focus on brand-led messaging.

Focus on better targeting

One of the problems that advertisers commonly face is the poor delivery of ads across the target customers. Many ads reach the audience to whom the product is either irrelevant or are the people who are least likely to buy it. Hence, focus on the audience who are most likely to drive value for your business. The better you can define your consumers and the more specific you are with your criteria, the higher the quality of the clicks your ads will get and more likely the visitors will convert.

There are several advertising tools and platforms available today that can help you reach your target audience better.

Personalize your ads

Personalizing your ads is taking consumer targeting one step forward. The data obtained by doing some research and the clever use of real-time information about your target audience can help you create more relevant and personalized advertisements that drive better engagement from the right people and lead to better conversions. Some of the strategies you can use to personalize your ads include local segmentation, controlling the context of delivery and using consumer information obtained through their search history. 

Use programmatic advertising

Programmatic or automated advertising is a software and algorithm-driven advertising process which is gaining rapid significance in the digital display ad space. According to eMarketer.com, Programmatic buying represented 63 percent of total digital display ad spending in 2016 in US alone. Programmatic advertising offers several benefits over manual ad buying such as improved efficiency of your buying process as well as improved effectiveness of your ad campaigns through better targeting and real-time analytics. The algorithms help you gain insights in real-time and optimize your ads for better performance. Programming advertising also provides better access to publishers, flexibility as well as better return on investment (ROI) for advertisers.

Use retargeting to improve conversions

Retargeting is one of the smartest ways advertisers can use to gain valuable customers. This involves advertising your brand to the people who have already visited your website once. On an average, only about 2-4 percent of your incoming traffic will result in a conversion during the first visit to your website. The remaining percentage does not convert right away but has the potential to convert in the future provided the visitors have already expressed interest. Retargeting or remarketing helps you convert a significant percentage of these visitors by displaying ads relevant to them.

Retargeting uses cookies to store visitor information so that relevant and appropriate ads are served to them.

Use cross-promotions

Cross-promotion of your ads is absolutely crucial to improving the reach of your advertisements to your potential customers. It is a powerful and inexpensive way to deliver targeted and personalized experience your ads have already delivered. By doing cross-promotions, you gain access to a broader range of a potential customer base that is already present on another channel or platform. It also offers brand consistency to the customers thus improving your brand’s credibility while giving an additional push down your marketing and sales funnel. 

Test and optimize your ads

Your advertisements need to be continuously tested and optimized to ensure that they lead to the highest level of conversations and engagements among the target audience. A/B testing is one of the most popular ways of testing the effectiveness of ads so that they reach their full potential. Through this testing, you can make small changes in the ads and see what impact it has on the campaign. Testing and optimizing of advertisement copies, images, targeting and landing pages must be part and parcel of your display advertising efforts.

Despite the low effectiveness of display ads observed in recent years, it is seen that businesses continue to spend a significant amount on it every year. This means that display advertising is here to stay for a long time. All that is required is to improve its effectiveness which you can accomplish using the strategies and tactics mentioned above.

Originally published , updated March 15 2018