One of the common concerns of most organizations is to create awareness of their brand among potential customers in a crowded space. There are multiple ways of creating brand awareness among your potential customers. You can create advertisements for traditional and online media, appear in trade shows and events or apply the inbound marketing strategy among many others.

Among the various methods available, inbound marketing appears as a powerful way for not only creating awareness but also in generating more business prospects and converting a sizeable number of these leads to customers in a highly efficient way.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing approach employed by several enterprises today to attract more visitors to their website, convert them into valuable customers and generate revenue to the organization, instead of using traditional marketing techniques which are highly interruptive. Most people find traditional marketing techniques annoying and irrelevant, and have found ways to block irrelevant ads.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, focuses on using user personas, the buyer’s journey, and rich content to attract only the right people to the website, convert suitable visitors into leads and eventually, loyal customers. This makes the marketing exercise more efficient in comparison with the traditional outbound marketing.

How can you use inbound marketing to create brand awareness?

The ultimate goal of an organization’s marketing efforts is to bring more traffic to its website so that prospects can be converted and closed. Unlike traditional marketing, inbound marketing helps in bringing a steady stream of traffic from people who are looking out for services and solutions that the organization has to offer.

In order to utilize inbound marketing strategy to create brand awareness, you should do the following.

Understand your user persona

Before you embark on spreading awareness of your brand, it is absolutely necessary that you first identify who your ideal customers are, which can be done by creating user personas. This helps you understand your customer demographics and their potential goals or challenges they are trying to solve, so that you can target them better and come up with suitable awareness-building strategies. Doing this also helps in reducing unnecessary wastage of time and money in targeting people who are not your target customers.

Create valuable content

Creating valuable content is the second major aspect of inbound marketing for spreading brand awareness. However, before jumping into creating content, it is important to identify your user persona and identify where in the buyer’s journey your potential customer is - whether they are trying to find a solution to their challenge, considering alternatives or deciding on a particular solution and a provider. Coming up with a content offering that suits your user persona and addresses their needs is key to attract a customer.

The most common content offerings used to create brand awareness are blogs, guest articles, videos, white papers, expert content, eBooks, and reports, which provide valuable information and solutions that address the problems and challenges faced by prospects. Offering this type of content helps in building a reputation for your brand as an expert and authority in your field. However, maintain caution that you do not overly promote your brand or solution at this stage.

Distribute your content and actively engage

Once you have created content, it is important to distribute it so that it reaches a wider audience. The most common way of distributing this content is through social media platforms and search and optimization (SEO). Not only should you look at distributing your content, but do it in a consistent and regular way. In addition to distributing your content, it is also important to actively and strategically engage your potential customers on these social media platforms. This improves the visibility of your brand as well as user engagement.

Optimize your website

SEO remains one of the key components of attracting more people to your website. To achieve success, you must think from the perspective of a prospective customer and optimize your website accordingly. Google algorithms have become smarter and rank website content based on search intent rather than pure keywords-based search. For example, people often look for a long-tail keyword or ask a question on Google. Tailoring your content so that it can address such queries can help website or blog rank higher.

Analyze results

It goes without saying that you should measure everything you do so that you can identify what works and what doesn't, so that you can make appropriate changes in your approach to achieve better results. Hence, in order to improve your brand’s outreach, it is a good practice to collect relevant data using some of the popular tools and analyze the data so that you can optimize your content as well as awareness creating strategies to attract more visitors.


The key to successfully creating awareness of your brand through inbound marketing is to create and distribute the right content to the right people at the right time while maintaining consistency. Following these simple inbound techniques can undoubtedly help you attract more visitors to your website and convert them into potential leads and customers.


Originally published , updated March 15 2018