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Create niche audience profiles and improve your ad campaign productivity with smarter targeting and personalization

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Helping you build valuable audience segments

Most enterprises are aware of the importance of user segmentation for creating ad campaigns that deliver the right message to the right people to achieve results. However, many struggle with creating effective user profiles and segments. Several ad campaigns often fail to make the desired impact due to ineffective audience segmentation.

Our solutions help you understand your audience better, create important, unique and valuable user profiles and segments and make use of them across all digital channels to boost the productivity of your ad campaigns.

Better segmentation

Better segmentation

Smarter Targeting

Smarter targeting

Productive ads

Productive ads

Why Businesses Trust Us for Audience Segmentation

Technology partnership

Our consultants work with technologies and platforms that help bring user data from various sources at one place so that you can understand your audience better and create useful segments and relevant campaigns.

Business Use cases for Audience Segmentation

E-commerce where customer segmentation plays a key role

E-commerce is one of the industries where consumer segmentation plays an important role. Consumer segments can be identified based on people’s choices of products and spending patterns.

Travel Industry is another example of audience segmentation

Travel, similar to e-commerce, provides a huge opportunity for creating campaigns for various user segmentation. A few segments can be based on travel frequency and geo-locations.

Gaming industry where segmentation can be used to create offers

Gaming is another industry where user segmentations based on game progress, device type and time per session can be used to create offerings such as “achievements unlocked”.

Business benefits realized through our solution

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